Saving Money

How to Save More Without Feeling Like it is a Chore

Saving money can be really useful. It means that you will have some money to fall back on when you need to and so if you have an expected bill, need to replace something that has been broken or have some other financial emergency, the money is there to help you to pay for it. However, it can feel like you are punishing yourself if you give up spending money in order to save. There are ways that you can make saving feel a lot better though.

Think about the rewards of saving

It is really worth starting by thinking about the advantages of saving money. Consider why you want to save the money and keep that goal in mind all of the time. This is particularly important when you feel like you want to treat yourself to something extra and need a reminder that you should not be spending the money. It is wise to write down the reasons and keep them somewhere prominent in the house or even in your purse so that you keep seeing it and are reminded of why you need to be really careful with what you are spending.

Save by buying cheaper rather than less

It can be hard giving up things that you really like buying. If you cannot bring yourself to do this then consider buying cheaper versions rather than giving them up entirely. How much you can save by doing this will very much depend on the item that you are buying. If there are not cheaper options then maybe buy less or buy it less often so that you can save money that way. Often a treat can feel even better if you have to wait for it for a bit longer. Once you get used to checking prices then it will be much easier, you will form a habit and always take a look at things to see whether there is a cheaper option or if you can go without. It can even be fun, especially if you get all of the family involved, seeing how can manage to save the most money by finding cheaper alternatives or cutting down in things.

Earn more to save more

One way of enabling you to save more money without reducing your spending is to earn more. This might not be as difficult as you might think. Although changing jobs might not be a good option, you might be able to ask for a pay rise or see whether there is the opportunity for a promotion within your current company. Alternatively you might be able to work a few extra hours. If you cannot do this then you might be able to find some additional work from home. There are various things that you could try which could add to your income and it is worth investigating them to see if you can find one that will work for you. You might even be able to sell some things that you own to get a lump sum of money to put in the savings account. Look through your things and see if there are items that you no longer need or want that you can sell. You might find quite a few things or perhaps not very much, but it is worth looking. You could sell them at an online auction, or a local social media group or even a car boot sale if you have enough things.

Make your saving worthwhile

It is also worth making sure that the savings that you have are earning as much interest as possible. This will allow them to grow without you actually having to add anything to them. At the moment savings rates are very low but this can be improved by changing to an account that pays a better rate. You might find that you can put it in an account with a fixed rate of interest if you keep the money in there for a certain amount of time or there might be a good rate if you pay in regularly or if you have to give notice for withdrawals. It is worth thinking about what sort of access you need to your money and then choose an account that will suit you. Even if you need instant access it is worth comparing accounts as you will find that there is a difference between what the different types of accounts pay out.

Enjoy being free of clutter

It is worth enjoying the freedom that comes with buying less things. We tend to find that our houses get so full of things that sometimes we find that we need to have a clear out before we can buy any more things. It can be rather nice to not have to worry of where we are going to put the new things that we are acquiring and just enjoy the things that we have. It can even be worth having a sort out and finding things that you have that you may not have remembered buying and enjoying them rather than buying new. Things like books, clothes and even homewares may have been put into a cupboard or on a shelf and not really used or enjoyed when they were bought and so can be now. Doing this can put a much more positive spin on the situation and help you to enjoy saving money more.

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